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[Outline] Wooden traditional architecture Kawahara-Kumamoto-kenYuyamaMizukami-mura, Kuma-gun
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] Improper
[Address] Kuma-gun259, Yuyama, Mizukami-mura
[Telephone] (0966)46-0063 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
When the slope was gone up by car from the hot spring resort entrance in the early hours of the evening, water flows into an irrigation canal with sufficient vigor, the stone wall is built by natural touch, and the air in character with the country of a mountain village was felt, and it had a positive feeling also in town planning, and progressed.Then, having appeared there has grasped intuitively the inn of a wooden tradition construction method, and that it is a building of an ideal mostly privately.Though such an inn is ? new building, mind omission is here, and the light which a taste of the style of L Aza is good and does not apply a Log, but is lighted in the window while it has been pure has the atmosphere which is enjoying a night of the cottage, and has really been [ why ] pleasing by the design ? of whom and a glance.When I heard later, the back was deep, under the porch, the making and the wall knit charcoal, clay wall mortar and a ceiling knit Take, especially humidity ventilation was considered, and the wooden floor of the hinoki was pleasant for bare feet.An elliptical bath tub rounded by wood has personality again, and carries a meal to an annex.It says the Dago-soup of the wild boar also by the wild Berkshire pig, or seemed resistance to the teeth is good and deep [ a taste ].It is also the farmhouse which had the tea garden and rice field of a 3 hectare, and has gone from private cultivation to tea processing, and homemade tea is also a pleasure.

Wooden tradition construction method

An enough upper deck without mind.

A straw mat is fresh to a Bansho and a low bed.

A Bansho, a washbasin

Kawahara Main building traditional zashiki

Room-Asahi guest room

Kumamoto local culinary specialties using local foods.

The bowl of a Dago-soup is a made by master.
an Example
It is thick and Dago-soup recommendation of the Kumamoto local culinary specialties and a natural wild boar and a natural raw deer meat slice are home-made dishes, such as jelly of a sweetfish dish grilled with salt, the sushi roll with seaweed of a spicily delicious side, eggplant dengaku, local shiitake mushroom simmered dishes, homemade pickles (old immersed, an orange peel, and fish preserved in miso), and a dry river bed original double flowering cherry tree, on that day.

Local seasonal vegetables, wild grass, and rice and tea are cultivated by private cultivation, and the landlocked salmon is bred in the mountain stream.It is a gardenia fruit cooked in a pot in winter.It is a dish specially:
Natural wild boar and deer dish / special choice Kuma Japanese beef dice steak and raw horse meat
Meal Place
Main building: Every morning and evening and main building restaurant
Bansho: Every morning and evening and Bansho restaurant
* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
A family bath is two.
Time for which a bath can be taken: Up to 23:00
* One day trip bathing improper, lodger no charge

The hinoki bath of a main building and charter use are possible.

Family Bath
Main building A hinoki bath and annex Hinoki bath tub rounded by wood

The hinoki bath tub rounded by wood, free-flowing hot-spring water which can do a charter

Guest Room
Kawahara: One four room + Japanese-style room traditional zashiki 25 persons
Annex Bansho: Three rooms 9 persons

Main building Japanese-style room "between traditional zashikis"

Between traditional zashikis "veranda"

It is an enough lounge of a wood stove to a Bansho.
Near Station
Yunomae station
* A taxi company needs to consult with those with indication with an enough, and an inn also on the thing of a rest.

Kawahara - Annex Bansho
- Top -Postcode868-0703
259, Yuyama, Mizukami-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto-ken
Telephone: 0966-46-0063
Welcome and Send-off
Parking Lot
Eight sets
Distance km