Hot springs that remain intact Hidden hot spring list(Iwate) [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

Prefecture Area-name of SPA hidden spring type charge mix/seperate impression comment image(link)
Akita Hachimantai
Goshogake Hot Spring
nealy intact UpToU Mix ***** The photograph was consulted.
Akita Hachimantai and Appi-kougen
Appi hot spring
remain intact Free Mix ***** A near located in mid mountain ravine
Appi hot spring
Iwate The foot of Iwate-san
Amihari hot spring
remain intact Free Mix Takishita's outdoors
Iwate Geto upper stream
remain intact Free Mix ***** Scene
Iwate Geto
hidden spring Free Seperate ** It is a sinter cone to an inside.
* There might be some places that described as free in this page but some donations up to you expected.