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A mountain and a hidden hot spring - Iwate Kitakami-shi Waga-cho

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[Outline] A mountain and a hidden hot spring Sanso-IwateGeto Kitakami-shi Waga-cho
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[Business] Closed until further notice.
[One day trip bathing] One-day-trip bathing: 10:00 to 15:00 1-time adult of 400 yen
[Address] Kitakami-shiWaga-cho Iwasaki-Shinden 1-22
[Telephone] (09058)34-5152 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
It is an inn of a good-location-to-see bank about a geto river.It is people's hotel facilities of private management, and, as for the half-self and a toothbrush set, as for a futon making, selection of the self or pay service and table setting of a meal are not attached for trash streamlining, either.However, it is that much widely beautiful and can use the guest room which views a geto river and a scripture mound mountain with a low charge.The price especially of a Suite is 8150 yen (ordinary-term bedclothes self tax and service charge included).A stone-made bath is a sister lodge of fountainhead free-flowing hot-spring water and a Motoyu geto, and five open-air baths can use it for free.It is also an inn nearest to a steam bath in cave, and targeting time to be unpopular, for one is soaked in a hot spring and also meditates in abysmal darkness.Although most was a content near a maigre dish without wild grass and gaiety, the meal was handmade [ which is not ready made ], is taking out the taste of the inn and was able to get it deliciously.Ten sorts of wild grass pile and a cooked in a pot and volume are also in a bamboo shoot.

A geto river, an inn, the 4 stories of steel rod first basement level


6-mat type

Guest room building

Large room

A Motoyu geto, Oyu

Hand structure dish of wild plants.
They are mushrooms (maitake mushrooms etc.) in local wild grass (an Aralia cordata Ms. Ms. wen, ascetic's-Gyo-jya garlic, and bamboo shoot), and autumn.

an Example
Ten sorts of wild grass of a hand structure pile (the tempura, row slices, etc. of Ms., ginger, Aralia cordata simmered dishes and Aralia cordata, the wen of herring maitake-mushrooms stir-fries, an ascetic's-Gyo-jya garlic, and a Ms., and a shrimp), and they are a cooked in a pot (a Chinese yam and wild grass), bamboo shoot baking, etc.

It is a dish specially.
char and a mountain witch dish grilled with salt, a raw deer meat slice, raw horse meat and raw-horse-meat Korean-style steak tartar, a taro soup (autumn limitation), other pheasants, and a gould -- if beforehand [, such as - bear, ] has a request, if possible, it will answer.

boiled rice, miso soup, and tea -- a smorgasbord style -- a style -- the half-self and lowering -- a dinner tray -- needlessness and boiled rice miso soup another helping freedom.

  • Meal place: Every morning and evening dining-room.
  • The menu is changed by round for four to five days at the time of stay.

A supper example of autumn

An example of breakfast


* Half board adult one person, including tax
Ordinary Term:
The common room one-person adult [ 7150 yen ] and Suite of 8150 yen
Holiday Season: Summer (Saturday of the 3rd Week after Saturday of the First Week of August)
Common room 8150 yen and, the Suite of 9150 yen
* the difference of a Rates -- a dish -- measure.
Cancellation Policy
- From 3 Hikuma of a stay day to the previous day ... It becomes 50% of accommodation charges.
- Cancellation of an On the day, No-show ... It becomes 100% of accommodation charges.
Indoor Hot Spring
A Large bathroom, the man and woman each 1
  • One-day-trip bathing: 10:00 to 15:00 1-time adult of 400 yen
Open-air Bath
The yukata is worn or I can use all the open-air baths of a Motoyu geto for free with a service ticket.
Guest Room
30 Japanese-style rooms, a 6-mat, a 8-mat and a 10-mat type 110 persons accommodation.
One Suite (only a Suite conditional pet possible.)
70 large rooms
Near Station

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1-22, Waga-cho Iwasaki-Shinden, Kitakami-shi, Iwate-ken
Telephone: 09058345152 FAX: 09058345152
Winter connection northing office
1-3-37, Hon-dori, Kitakami-shi, Iwate-ken
TEL-FAX: 0197-64-6375
Welcome and Send-off
At a station
Parking Lot
Full equipment
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