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Hot-spring cure - Iwate Kitakami-shi Waga-cho

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[Outline] Hot-spring cure Motoyu-IwateGeto Kitakami-shi Waga-cho
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[Business] Winter closure:4-16~ Open This Year:4-29~
[One day trip bathing] Only 6:00 - 19:30 adult the outdoors of 400 yen
[Address] Kitakami-shiWaga-cho Iwasaki-Shinden 1-22
[Telephone] (09058)34-5151 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
It is a feeling-warmth inn which the peculiar wooden main building of a building which turned the side of the gable to the front, the annex of a steel rod, another 5 building Touji section, a dining-room, and a life sundry-goods stand form a row-house, and a senior citizen relaxes on a bench and leaves the atmosphere of a traditional spa resort in which the young man who hung the towel goes back and forth.Here and there [ along summer Yukawa ] was dotted with the fountainhead, and the open-air bath of rich personality felt the flow out of the hot spring hot in the palm in five and any hot spring in the style in which the fountainhead is used at the place.There is a footbath in the place of slight hot water quantity, and there are a woman's (eyes) hot spring and Senki-no-yu in the place of a medium degree.A hot hot spring wells ups abundantly from a natural base rock, and it represents the northeastern noted-spring geto with Oyu.The scene of a ravine seems to be wonderful again and the flow and biological clock of a river which were carried out slowly are likely to be in agreement.

A geto river and Oyu


A woman's (eyes) hot spring


True hot spring

Self-cooking part

Breakfast smorgasbord

Wild grass fresh water fish cuisine.

A photograph example:
the soft beef stewpot into which frost went well -- wiping -- various wild grass, such as miso, a delicacy, and simmered-dishes tempura, -- crispy -- the handmade taste in character with the spa resort of old-established stores, such as a side dumpling, was able to be enjoyed to the fried river fish.A row slices is also fresh.

It is [ wild grass, such as Ms. / Kerria japonica bamboo shoot Pteridium aquilinum /, and ] seafood (Kue etc.) of Sanriku in the unusual place in Ms. wen and autumn to mushrooms, such as maitake mushrooms, a rainbow trout and a carp, and a cooked in a pot.

an Example
Eight articles, such as a grilled on porcelain of hors d'oeuvre (wen of Ms. [ a wine simmer and ] of a fence), a wild grass small bowl, simmered dishes, sliced raw fish, a mushroom, and meat, and tempura.

* Number of articles and the content change on a budget.

  • Meal place: In the number, suppers are a binary-name room, a trinominal room or the luncheon party hall, and the four-person luncheon party hall, and are a room by the hall and a hope in the morning.
* a half board -- consumption tax included and excluding bath tax
Ordinary Term:
8925 yen/10500 yen/12600 yen
Holiday Season: Bon Festival (Saturday of the 3rd Week after Saturday of the First Week of August)
9975 yen/11550 yen/13650 yen

Touji section:
An overnight stay with no meal, bedding extra charge It is 1890 yen - by a mansion.
a dining-room and measure with a life sundry-goods stand.
* the difference of a Rates -- a dish -- measure.
Cancellation Policy
- From 3 Hikuma of a stay day to the previous day ... It becomes 50% of accommodation charges.
- Cancellation of an On the day, No-show ... It becomes 100% of accommodation charges.
Indoor Hot Spring
The hot spring of a white monkey: Man and woman each 1
The hot spring of the Oama little dog: Man and woman each 1
Open-air Bath
Oyu (- Mixed Bathing Classified by Log Hot-Spring Hut and Changing):
Neuralgia, the rheumatism, a skin disease, and a trauma
True Hot Spring (- Mixed Bathing Classified by Log Hot-Spring Hut and Changing):
The stomach and intestines, asthma, tuberculosis, and a physically weak child
Hot Spring of Waterfall (Bath Structure and Time Shift):
A skin disease and a trauma
Senki-no-yu (Mixed Bathing): Women's Diseases and Hemorrhoids
Woman's (Eyes) Hot Spring: Eye Disease
  • One-day-trip bathing: Only 6:00 - 19:30 adults of 400 yen, and the outdoors
Guest Room
70 Ryokan sections, 200 persons accommodation.
30 self-cooking parts, 200 persons accommodation.
The large room geto hall of reconstruction, a dining-room, a life sundry-goods stand
Near Station
Tohoku Shinkansen station and Kitakami station -> geto going bus terminal

- Top -Postcode024-0322
1-22, Waga-cho Iwasaki-Shinden, Kitakami-shi, Iwate-ken
Telephone: 09058345151 FAX: 09058345151
Winter connection northing office
1-3-37, Hon-dori, Kitakami-shi, Iwate-ken
TEL-FAX: 0197-64-6375
Welcome and Send-off
Only a group is important point contact.
Parking Lot
Full equipment
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