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An attractive seafoods and relaxation - Hokkaido Shari-cho.. Reservation

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[Outline] An attractive seafoods and relaxation Shiretoko-HokkaidoUtoro Shari-cho
[Privilege] The object for charter open-air baths, br [ lantern free service (usually 500 yen) / ] welcome drink service
[Reservation] Net tentative reservation
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] Improper
[Address] Shari-gun318, Utoro-higashi, Shari-cho
[Telephone] (0152)24-3541 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
The expression of the window greatly open in the outer wall of a deep brown wooden board and the attractive aspect of the Northern Europe style has turned to the front Sea of Okhotsk straight.I receive the dish which looked at the sea in farthest limit Shiretoko from the enough lounge and guest room of the fireplace, and adhered to the nice material unique to Shiretoko and which was moreover refined.Although I heard this that there are more cities used like a second house, it looked afar at the Ezo deer which comes to the hill of the back immediately, looked at the Shiretoko Puyuni cape from the chartered open-air bath, and felt that time quiet to be sure was was hot pleasant to have followed and carried out the Yu-Yu fly (oil fondu) lifted by itself at hot food, and both of Pleurogrammus azonus from Rausu of the basket peak and salmons from a utoro of the thick slice wavered in coming out and choosing [ which carries out a true smell and meets ] considerably.

The inn of the attractive aspect of the Northern Europe style.

The setting sun which sets in the Sea of Okhotsk

The guest room of a European-style room twin

A night quiet in a lounge

The gallery in which a fish owl is present

The Sea of Okhotsk and the Puyuni cape where drift ice freezes over

The indoor hot spring of free-flowing hot-spring water

A foreshore and a dish of wild plants, and Yu-Yu-fly foods
Seasonal fish, such as Pleurogrammus azonus from Rausu, are chosen as roast fish from the basket peaks.The fresh fish and shellfish of others and a foreshore (Sea of Okhotsk), Hockey, a hairy crab, etc.Wild grass (bud of Japanese angelica - Allium victorialis var. platyphyllum etc.)

An aperitif, the Shokado-box peak, fresh slices of raw fish (a salmon chilled sashimi of salmon, a raw shurimp, and grain shellfish), the grain shellfish from simmered-dishes Shiretoko,It vinegared - Pushed and they are - salad, a roll, a Tsubu raw shell, sliced raw fish and a Yu-Yu fly (a scallop and Aono a vegetable - potato, a white cheese, a Jidori-chicken SASAMI Oba volume, and shiitake mushroom), Pleurogrammus azonus from Rausu or a salmon from a utoro, pickled vegetables, soup, and a dessert.

It is a dish specially:
Demands, such as a hairy crab

Oil fondu

Pleurogrammus azonus from Rausu, palatability of a different thing.

  • Meal place: A restaurant and the room are improper every morning and evening.


* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring
Separated by gender

One-day-trip bathing: Improper
Open-air Bath
A chartered open-air bath is two.

It is a good-location-to-see open-air bath about the sea.
The Akazawa fountainhead free-flowing hot-spring water.

It is as hot as about 55 ° in the fountainhead, and it gets warm firmly also in winter.
Family Bath
There is a chartered open-air bath.
Guest Room
Ten two three European-style room twins and European-style room double, and Japanese-style rooms, 50 persons
The enough lounge gallery, Japanese food parlor, and dining-room of a wood stove
Hokkaido Utoro
Kifu club shiretoko
- Top -Postcode099-4355
Hokkaido 318, Utoro-higashi, Shari-cho
Telephone: 0152-24-3541
Near Station
JR Shiretoko-shari -> a utoro going bus, about 50 minute -> utoro terminal alighting
Welcome and Send-off
Up to a utoro bus terminal or Shiretoko Nature Center (connection required)
Parking Lot
40 sets
  • 2021-10-24(Sun)