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The hidden hot spring of the Hokkaido highest place - Hokkaido Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun.. Stay reservation point10% (* point not applicable: Designated season)

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[Outline] The hidden hot spring of the Hokkaido highest place Daisetsu kogen sanso-HokkaidoDaisetkogenKamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gunThose with an open-air bath
[Privilege] point10% (* point not applicable: Designated season)
[Business] Winter closure:as usual Jan 11~ Open This Year:as usual Jan 09 *
[One day trip bathing] 10:00 to 16:00, 700 yen, small 350 yen
[Address] Kamikawa-gunSounkyo, Kamikawa-cho Kougen-onsen
[Telephone] (0165)85-3818 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
[The example of a Rates]
The Characteristic
It is an isolated lodge of an enough hidden hot spring in the severe nature in which it already goes into long sleep of winter after red leaves finish, and an inn is bolted by nearly seven snow.Business is started in spring with opening of traffic of a June and a yanbe tap path through a wood, and it runs from the swamp walk of a valley with year-long snow at a brisk pace to the alpine flora of a marsh, mountains in summer, and the swamp circulation of red leaves.It seems that a Few or four months are the shortest one in Japan as an inn in a business period.It looked for the outing of Emperor Showa and the Empress Emperor and Empress in Showa 43, and the new building was extended.The staff inside a hall and frank above all to whom cleaning was finely careful comes, and it is made to be thought that it was good.The talk of a brown-bear visit, the talk of red leaves, the talk of fishing of a yanbe tap river, etc. were observed, and it was able to enjoy itself.In 10 K of surroundings, every time the light looked at Stardust and lay down in the open-air bath which will be only a light of an inn, it was soaked, and it took a long bath.It will be uncannier when it enters at midnight.

Time of a Daisetsu kogen sanso and late autumn

The guest room of the Emperor Showa outing

The enough alcove of dignity

Large room

You can use for a footbath and freedom.

Wild grass fresh water fish cuisine.As much as possible, it is to a subject about the blessing of a mountain.

"-- an ingredient -- a dumpling like Chinese tea and snacks also enters, and many duck cooked in a pots have the cause or very good broth -- it is clever.The gratin around which the scallop was wound by bacon is slightly Chinese-tea-and-snacks-like [ O, vegetables boiled hard with soy, or deep-fried dishes ], and is delicious, and the pudding of a dessert is an another dish of the incomplete technique which substituted the candied food of the chestnut for the sweetness of a caramel.the hors d'oeuvre of trout young fish, and a taste also with a fresh dish grilled with salt -- it obtained deliciously.It is the dish in which the female staff was devised on the whole. "

From the example for H 19 years, and 20, it is blessing serious consideration of a mountain further.

The wild grass from Michiuchi, a trout, a rainbow trout, a duck, a North Sea salmon meal place:every morning and evening dining-room


* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.

a heavy outer kimono - yukata and bath towel amenity

Sleep comfortable with beautiful bedding

Indoor Hot Spring
The bathtub shift and the open-air bath are put side by side in a Separated by gender and the evening around 7:00.
24-hour bathing is possible (at the time of cleaning except).
One-day-trip bathing: 10:00 to 16:00, 700 yen, small 350 yen

The three fountainhead is united and it is free-flowing hot-spring water suitable temperature.

* Hot-spring payment cleaning and legionella bacteria measurement are carried out periodically every day.
Open-air Bath
Two by the side of a mountain and a Takanegahara view

The open-air bath which views a Takanegahara.

* An open-air bath may carry out the water running only of hot Hi during summer.
Guest Room
16 Japanese-style rooms, four new buildings, 12 main buildings, 56 persons accommodation
A large room and a footbath

H20, remodeled inside of a hall (inn-like offer)

Near Station
JR Kamikawa station.
Hokkaido University snow Kougen-onsen
Daisetsu kogen sanso
- Top - Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido Kougen-onsen
FAX: [ a Telephone and ] 0165-85-3818
Winter contact address
Asahikawa office Telephone: 0166-26-8300
Welcome and Send-off
Parking Lot
Forestry Agency public parking
The parking lot only for a lodger

Distance km