Shirakabasou photograph digest [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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Comfortable youth - Hokkaido Higashikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun.. Stay reservation point5% (* point not applicable: Saturday or the day before national holiday Holiday season )

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The "Shirakaba-sou" complete view to which the Yukomambetsu river flows through a lodge front, and an asahidake rises high over the back.
There are a Ryokan part, a Japanese-style room type guest room, and a Western-style room of a youth type and wheelchair correspondence in others.
The hot spring of non-[ non-heating ] water-running souce-of-spring overflow.
The open bath adjacent to the primeval forest of a red Ezo spruce or a brown birch.
The home cooking of a hand structure which anyone can get deliciously in a proprietress-to-be's orthodox seasoning.