Shinnoji (Fukushima) [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

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[Outline] Fukushima Shinnoji @Tsuchiyu Onsemmachi, Fukushima-shi The enough hidden hot spring of a desolate open-air bath field
[Spring quality] Sulfur spring Clouded white 89 °
[Altitude] About 1150 m, the hot spring of a mountain
[Environment] Isolated lodge
[Mountain climbing and sightseeing] Adatara-yama, the Azuma mountain peaks in line, Azuma smallness Fuji, the Azuma skyline, a Makutaki, the Tsuchiyu marsh promenade, a goshiki swamp, and the Inawashiro lake

The Characteristic
The northernmost end of the Adachi Tara mountain peaks in line, the hot spring of the isolated lodge which wells ups at the devil's face mountains foot.It is also at the southernmost end of the Azuma mountain peaks in line, and can tell a capital position to mountain climbing and a trekking.In the Bandai Azuma skyline, it is about about 5 minutes.A hot spring is the clouds-of-volcanic-steam emit sulfur spring and the scene of wilderness full marks with the desolate back of an inn probably because of about 5 km to a swamp NO common explosion crater.

The open-air bath field of the back of an inn.

The Adatara-yama trailhead is located in the Ryokan side.
A left hand is a devil's face mountain.

Adatara-yama mountain peaks in line
One of the Japanese one hundred famous mountains of Hisaya FukadaAdatara-yama is reached [ from a Noji mouth ] via a devil's face mountain, the Minowa mountain, and Tetsuzan.The common desolate scene of a swamp is the highlight on the way.
hiking -- account: -- Adatara-yama

Bandai Azuma skyline
The 100th elections of the way in Japan.A paradise common with an altitude of 1600 m is directly under [ in which a burner is opened in the shape of an earthenware mortar ] Azuma Kofuji.

Makutaki promenade
It is about 40 minutes about a Makukawa hot spring to a Pterocarya rhoifolia grow-thick broadleaf forest.

A sulfur spring, clouded white 89 °
Gastroenteropathy, a valvular disease, chronic dermatitis and chronic indirect rheumatism, neuralgia, a neuritis, a chronic gynecological disorder
Public Bathhouse
By Train
Shinkansen use
Tokyo -> about 1 hour and 30 minutes, Fukushima

There is rest by a paradise common on the way by bus "Azuma skyline round number" from Fukushima for 1 hour for 2 hours and 40 minutes.
Shinnoji alighting.
* Please use a suspension and the welcome and send-off of an inn from a November during winter the end of an April.
By Car
It is about 10 minutes about Fukushima west I.C.->R115, about 35 minutes, and a Tsuchiyu tunnel entrance -> old road.

The Tsuchiyu tunnel entrance escapes from a Higashi-Karasugawa tunnel, and is a crossing of an in no time.That is turned to the right.
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