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[Outline] Onsengoya-FukushimaOzegahara Minami-Aizu-gun Hinoemata-mura
[Reservation] Please ask by telephone directly.
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] 14:00~18:00 700 yen
[Address] Minami-Aizu-gunHinoemata-mura ozegahara
[Telephone] 080-6601-3394 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
In front of an inn, they are a hot spring of a good-location-to-see hut, and an Onsengoya [ as the name suggests ] about Mt. Shibutsu to an ozegahara and a long distance.It consists of a newly built main building and an annex of a hut building.It is an inn popular with a mountaineer as a base to two noted falls, Hiuchigadake and the Tadami river.In the nature which is full of a feeling of opening of Oze, the view to Mt. Shibutsu is enjoyed, a nap is taken on a bench, and recommendation is also refreshed.Please heat the fountainhead of about 24 degrees which wells ups abundantly in the inside and serves as a red river, and Touji payment cleaning and this style are mostly said to be the form of an ideal for 冷泉 an injection, additional boil of rice, circulation nothing, and after [ its ] Japanese, and enjoy the hot spring of a mountain.

Main building complete view

An annex and an ozegahara

Tea drinking Forest

Main building guest room

Supper (daily curry) of 1500 yen Breakfast of 1500 yen
Supper: 6 [ five to ]:00 p.m.
Breakfast: 6:30 a.m. (a peak season is from 6:00) - 7:00
Breakfast is a seaweed, an egg, a salmon, etc.
  • Meal place: Every morning and evening dining-room.
The Rates was reformed from 2019 seasons.
A display is an staying-without-meals Rates according to 1 other-people tax.The clean sheet and the small towel are attached.
  • Annex (6 - 8-mat) 5,000 yen (2-3 persons), 4,500 yen (4-6 persons)
  • The main building and the back (6-mat) of 6,000 yen (2-3 persons)
  • A main building and marsh side (6-mat) is -6,500 (4 persons) 7,000 yen (2-3 persons).
Supper (daily curry) of 1500 yen Breakfast of 1500 yen Rice ball box lunch of 800 yen
The vacancy of the single room use by one person is [ an enough case ] 7000 yen to an annex.
It is 500 yen influence in the case of the congestion tense room.
A school child is 1000 yen influence.An infant (2 years old - 6 years old) becomes influence 2000 yen.
* Please give me a staying self cooking in the Entrance the outdoors or outside an annex.Washing is improper.All carrying-in garbage serves as a takeout.
Indoor Hot Spring

Indoor hot spring Man and woman each 1
Bathing time:
From around 14:00 to around 20:00
It is Touji payment cleaning about 100% of the 24-degree fountainhead heating, un-circulating, and every day.
Guest Room
15 12 main buildings and annexes

Annex guest room

The joke terrace cafe "SEASONS" in nature, and Woody indoor cafe "FOREST", stand, lobby (video tape corner), dining-room and toilet are washed.

* Photograph institution offer
Nearest Station
Trailheads are a Hatomachi, Miike, etc.Since it is a trekking, please go out by preparations, such as a course time, and sufficient equipment.

Check-in 13:30
Checkout 8:00
Please give me arrival by 4:30 p.m. time.
- Top -
Hinoemata-mura, Minami-Aizu-gun, Fukushima-ken ozegahara
Telephone (all year round): 080-6601-3394
Parking Lot
Miike and 7 ON parking are the parking fees of 1000 yen.
Free coin is given to a lodger.
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