Hot springs that remain intact Hidden hot spring list(Fukushima) [Hot springs deep inside Japan]

List of Hot springs in Japan that remain intact or a little bit artificial or artificial with some recomendations. (*Writen in Japanese.) (*Writen in Japanese.) for the location of a Mountain on Google map.

H2S gases or a Bear can be conflict at the site listed below.Please keep out those sites,even if at your own risk. (Must see if you don't know the risk of H2S or anoxia at all. written in Japanese.) anoxia/H2S-Helth department Japan
(*)number of astarisks represents impression. The list of Ryokans with hidden onsen or not known much.
Prefecture Area-name of SPA hidden spring type charge mix/seperate impression comment image(link)
Miyagi The foot of 3 spears
Yunokami hot spring
remain intact Free Mix **** Also dig in myself Sunayu
Yunokami hot spring
Miyagi Aidu-komagatake
A certain hot spring
remain intact Free Mix *** Lodger limited outdoors
Fukushima The foot of Hiuchigatake
Shibusawa hot spring
nealy intact Free Mix *** The waterfall in Okutadami - Sanjo
Shibusawa hot spring
Fukushima Aizu
Yunohana Onsen
hidden spring Free Mix **** The opposite shore of an inn
* There might be some places that described as free in this page but some donations up to you expected.
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