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Hanter dish - Akita-ken Kita-Akita

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[Outline] Hanter dish Soma onsen ryokan-Akita-kenSomaKita-AkitaThe open-air bath according to sex
[Business] open year round. regular holiday : not fixed
[One day trip bathing] 7:00 to 20:00 Adult of 400 yen
[Address] Kita-AkitaMoriyoshi Aza Yunozawa 7
[Telephone] (0186)76-2311 [Telephone]
[Map] Geographical Survey Institute
The Characteristic
The inn of the man that only the fish which char and a sweetfish fished mainly serves the carp dish which drew and raised the pellucid water which flows through a hill at the back and falls.When late autumn became dark in the evening, the time of the madam carrying the dish busily visited first the isolated lodge in the heart of the mountains where no special hot spring is in the surroundings.Since the enough did not consider, either, the inn of wooden traditional architecture animate in this heart of the mountains by no means was surprise.And wild grass and a mushroom were also the inns of the prejudice for [ prejudice ] it has hunted until now of taking out only what was taken by itself anyhow, and examining and buying in what is not obtained in a central market.The father who is also a hanter treats to a bear or pheasant cooking in winter (special order).

The Ani river natural ascension sweetfish information
Nakakawara of the opening of hunting season on July one day, and Animaeda -- a live Ayu lure and measure with a fishing ticket.point instruction measure.Komatagawa -- discharge of Moriyoshi Dam -- measure.

the age of a tree -- 2 Motosugi for 400 years or more.

Inside of a hall

The guest room by the side of a mountain

Hunting dog France of an inn Brittany spaniel and madam.That's right whose bride Mr. candidate is not in a northeast by new dog species.Under bride Mr. collection!

* A name is on the member list of medical-treatment spring 100 Selected.
The shipment willing to do of hot spring water.
The 20L poly can of 2000 yen is C.O.D.
Please make an application directly to an inn.

The happy mountain which can be obtained only here!


Carp and Dish of Wild Plants.
* I take out the thing of the sea bought in in the Akita central market to the whom who of the whom who which hates a carp, and a continuous stay.
Nature, and char and a sweetfish fish and a carp, and wild grass and a mushroom are a bear and a pheasant in winter.
Rice is Ogata-mura Akita Komachi and water is brand-name spring water.

an Example
As for carp candied food, a native chicken cooked in a pot, a soup, and wild grass, I take out in a pan and two kind, a mushroom, a carp raw fish slice cooled in a water, and carp cooked in miso soup, such as vegetables boiled hard with soy, are a buffet, miso soup, and boiled rice.

  • Special dish: Natural char and natural sweetfish dish grilled with salt 500 yen -
  • Instead of a muched-rice-stick cooked in a pot, it is a 1000 yen rise at bears-meat-cooked-in-a-pot possible in winter.
  • Meal place: Every morning and evening hall.

Slices of carp chilled in icy water of high recommendation

Carp candied food

Wild grass simmered dishes, a wild banboo sprout, and a Bunaharitake

Dishes grilled with salt are natural products, such as char and a sweetfish.

The rare object of art of the Akita landing of a marine row slices!

Soup of carp cooked in miso soup and water shield

Hotchpotch with rice bars

* Please refer to the above-mentioned plan list.
Indoor Hot Spring

Bath structure

Male bath

Female bath

Man and woman each 1
  • Fountainhead free-flowing hot-spring water
  • One day trip: 7:00 to 20:00 Adult of 400 yen
Open-air Bath
According to the Large field stone bath 1, mixed bathing, and dressing room

A mixed bathing open-air bath and swamp

Guest Room
Ten Japanese-style rooms, 40 persons accommodation.
48 large rooms
Near Station
Animaeda station -> welcome and send-off

Akita-ken Moriyoshi Yunosawa
- Top -Postcode018-4511
Akita-ken Kita-Akita Moriyoshi Aza Yunozawa 7
Telephone: 0186-76-2311 FAX:0186-76-2311

Welcome and Send-off
Up to the Animaeda station
* it depends at a stage -- please consult.
It accepts from 2 persons.Please tell that it saw here.
Parking Lot
Full equipment

Distance km